How Policeman Saved My Honor

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How policeman saved my honor Jul 25, 2018
Tonight at 23:30 my cat miawed and I noticed that there is no canned cat food. I went out to buy some at Union & Co.
At reception down in ground floor of our building security looked at me weirdly as if thinking: where is this single mother heading at midnight alone!
I carried that look on my mind all way to my car, and was thinking how to return quickly as possible so that security does not form bad and wrong impression about me. I do care about my honor and dignity much.
I crossed the open road near my building in vertical (or horizontal) alignment to use u-turn as fast as possible to reach supermarket. Little I knew that police saw me and I didn't even notice that they were following me after that.
Then I saw police car with lights behind me. I stopped just in front of the supermarket and policeman asked me why didn't I stop before (it was dark street and no street lights there). I said that I didn't know I have to stop there as this is first time for me that police wanted me to stop. He asked me if I had a driving license. Of course! I searched in my bag and offered it to policeman but he said that it's OK, we don't take driving license from ladies. Some woman, in front of supermarket said something to policeman, and he said to me that it's OK, and he explained that I shall not cross the road in the way I did. He was very understanding and benevolent. So he saved my time. I was able to buy cat food and some other stuff in few minutes and return home. At home I cried (PMS; emotional changes, mental fatigue, poor concentration...) and decided to share this short story. In Islam honor is holier then Kaba, and two people (policeman and woman) just saved mine.
May God save them, their people, their country and their nation. I am happy and grateful. And tired, ready to sleep, but with love in my heart for those beautiful people. Lot's of du3as for them this night <3 <3 <3

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