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Forgive others Apr 04, 2020
How can we erase all negative feelings, memories and thinking?

They only hurt us. Others, however bad they might be, have nothing if we keep the grudge.

I want to empty my heart and forgive everyone everything.

But how can I, when their deeds impacted my life so much. Or maybe not!
Maybe they just turn it to other direction, that I didn't want to take, but might be good for me.

What kind of good? I don't know.
How can be good to stop training, because some people didn't want passionate competitors.
Because they didn't know to do harder but rather to eliminate competition completely.

How can be good to have your name hanging online, on international platform, but without ratings, because the club denied you access after you bring requested international number to them.

How it can be good after you didn't get promised support in what you do.
Or when you didn't get a chance they promised to give you...

But it can be good.
You might start to develop yourself. To change what is within you and your circumstances.
To change thinking, the way you live and see life.

Everything is easier then changing our hearts. How to clean it up from all grudges that we hold?

I might ask forgiveness for all that wronged me. Maybe that will help to empty my heart.
They didn't do bad to me because I am bad, just because they didn't know better. It is within them and their thinking is the reason for bad acting.
Maybe all bad against me is just a compliment to me from people. They were afraid of me, my abilities, speed of finding solutions. They had to eliminate me. It is how they fight for themselves, it has nothing to do with me.

Now I see that world is not against me, they are just for themselves. They don't know better and they are afraid of everyone who can give discomfort to them. So, even if they don't do things fairly, I have to forgive them.

I want my heart back, my thoughts back, my future back and past I give to them. For free.

Nobody owns me anything. I own money to some. lol

I forgive to nasty people, I free them from my heart, mind and soul.
I will turn another direction. I am like a water; you stop me here, I try other way, you push me there, I kick harder somewhere else. You belittle me here, I grow everywhere...

May Allah help me and forgive all people that did me wrong, and may Almighty give us all the guidance and the best of dunya and akhirah. Amin.

Peace :)

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