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Dubai Night life Jul 11, 2003
Alright everyone, listen up. I need the low down on the clubs in Dubai. As you probably know, there are hundreds to choose from - yet the affiliated websites that could help me out (,, etc) all list the same promotional information. Can anyone give me a critical review of some of the best and worst clubs in Dubai. For example, Longs bar - seems full of prostitutes, Zinc bar - can never get in, Planitarium - best in the Middle East? Tangerine - very expensive. If anyone can give me some information on these bars and more, it would be a good start, and perhaps we can beat the record of 5 replies for a posted topic! Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply.

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Jul 21, 2003
Hi, Vision.
Thank you for this Nice Topic!!!

I have been to Long's bar. It's something similar to an English pub.
Everybody is standing and drinking. Haven't seen any prostitutes.
During the weekends its too crowdy.

Rock bottom the same thing only even crowdyer in weekends. :roll:

Have visited the Planitarium as well. My opinion - "Its too small to be the best in the Middle East." 8)
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trust me Oct 19, 2003
face it buddy..without a chick here in dubai you should 4get about goin clubbing, you might aswell sit at home and search the internet for p<3n

but seriously dude get showtime and watch paramount that's the closest you'll ever get to having a life in our beutiful city.

if you're desperate to see some chicks that you can ask how are you and not how much go to the gitex exhibition and get a funky laptop you desperate shmuck.

get a life !!!!!!

who the hell looks for a good time online anyways you geek ?!!!

let me guess ..

you're a star wars fan aren't you ..???!!!

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Oct 20, 2003
To the Cat:
...kitty,kitty come here I'll give you some milky.
You can't respect yourself unless you humiliate everybody around you?
Does it make you feel more worthy - or what?
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