Darwin's Dilemma: The Soul- Full Text Amazing Book

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Darwin's Dilemma: The Soul- Full Text Amazing Book Oct 30, 2008


http://www.harunyahya.com/books/darwini ... oul_01.php

Darwinists and materialists need to realize that the only absolute Entity is Allah. Confronted by this truth, all false faiths fall into an insuperable quandary. Allah has enfolded all things with His Sublime Might. All things belong to Him and are under His control. This book considers the materialist error regarding the “absoluteness of matter,” Darwinism’s dilemma and the certain existence of the soul. The world that the soul perceives is merely an illusion, a phantom and the sole absolute Entity Who rules the entire universe is Allah. Henceforth, those with unclouded minds who understand this fact will look at the world from a different perspective and realize that Allah is their only savior. In order to attain salvation in the Hereafter, their true life, people need to behave in the light of that understanding.

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