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Angels & dogs Jun 05, 2019
In my story angels and dogs go together.

First day of Eid-Al-Fitr in Dubai; me and my kids were heading for an early breakfast at my favorite restaurant. By car of course. And then it happened; the car tyre broke with a strong pufff sound, as if a balloon exploded.

I parked in a parking lot somewhere near Shaikh Zayed road, got my kids out and turned off the car. I don't like gases in my clothes while looking for the spare tyre in the backside.
Well, the next step for me was a Youtube video with instructions on how to change a tyre :lol:
I found the jack but I couldn't take it out. I pulled and pulled but nothing!

My son helped me to take the tyre out of the car boot and I sent the kids to stand in the shade, as only I had a hat and could stand in the sun. It was really hot, around 40 degrees.

People in perfectly white clothes were passing by hurrying for Eid receptions ( شديد بياض الثياب - لا يُرى عليه أثر السفر ولا يعرفه منا أحد )

Their description was almost same as description of angels in famouse hadith of Prophet Muhammed s.w.s. But they were not angels.

Then came a man on a bike, holding a dog on the leash. He stopped by and asked if I needed help. Of course, I needed that jack out! He turned the upper part of jack on the side a few times and it came out!
Then he headed to the front side of the car, adjusted the jack and started elevating the car. I asked if I could help somehow and he said; "No, you might get dirty and you are all dressed up".

Well, I wasn't really minding my cheap dress or anything, but still I was thankful to this gentleman. I asked him where is he from, and he said from France. I didn't ask for his name as I don't think it is appropriate to ask people for their name if they don't introduce themselves on their own. Instead I asked for the name of his dog and he said something like "Uska". I don't hear well since childhood because a grenade fell near me during the war. So it might be "Oskar" or anything else :drunken:

It was really hot, and the man was sweating, getting dirty... but he replaced the front tyre completely and even put back the tools! For me he was an Angel, real one!
Even though we learnt in our religion that Angels and dogs doesn't go together, this time they did, indeed.

I didn't offer to pay to the man, as some things have no price. Some deeds can't be paid ever! They are priceless. I asked God to bless him and offer my sincere thanks to the Angel.

And what better can there be after month of fasting then to meet a real Angel on first Eid morning!

Eid Mubarek to all good people. Eid Mubarek to France. Eid Mubarek to all Angels of this world.
Peace been upon you all. I really love humanity as some can be true angels.

France = Gentlemen

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