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Alien Dec 26, 2020
I don't find people to understand me, to accept my way of thinking or speaking. I am so strange to my fellow friends and family and Muslims in general.

First thing I said yesterday to friends: Thanks to Allah for Christmas and other holidays (like Diwali, Hanukhah, New year...). I really like discounts for so many occasions yearly, and it would be so sad if there were only two Eid per year and that's it.

And I got no answer. Silence. I guess some are ready to label me as hypocrite or kafer :alien:

God wanted us to be different religions and faiths and He wanted us to meet each other and to exchange and to share knowledge. That's His plan, not mine. And I am just thankful for that Wisdom of God.

Also I am thankful for any evil that He created and everything He does. How else we would know for spiritual championship if we didn't fight Devil and our Nafs (desires) and we won. If we love God then we are thankful for all He does. Not only for the good He gives us, but for everything He gives to others as well.

And no, it is not that I exchange my religion for discount at stores, as some cheap souls may understand. It is just that I am thankful to Allah for His idea to make us diverse and different and to give us a chance to live united and share each others happiness.

I personally think that there is special Mercy of Allah involved in making people different religions and faiths and that He wanted us all to evolve as a mankind.

Thanks God for feeling as an Alien. How else I would be able to see humankind as one.

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