How To Break In A New Engine..?

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How to break in a new engine..? Sep 27, 2006
there has always been a conflict about that subject

waiting for first 2000 kms or running it hard as soon as it heats up..?

well, i have done this two different methods to two same model car, ford fiesta 1.4 tdci ( turbo diesel, sounds so strange for here lol )

result is, the one which was run hard in first miles was slightly faster than the other.

but as i have been told, there is a 5% factor for factory production. if ur car has 100 hp, that means it could be between 95 and 105 hps

so what do u think?

here is a very intresting page from which i had been inspired

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Sep 27, 2006
no here it is :)
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No full throttle! Sep 28, 2006
Well mate it's okay for you to drive at any speeds but below 100 ideally on a brand new engine. Just make sure you don't start by full throttle after you warm up your engine. My dad did the same thing on his brand new Mitsubishi Galant you did on ford fiesta. The result was that after the first 1000km check-up, the sound of the engine was like a small pick-up truck engine!!! I was shocked, because the sound was coming all the time, so i did some research on how and why the sound was coming, from there onwards i got my interest of Mechanical Engineering, so came to know from books and other sources that when your engine is new, all the moving parts inside the block needs to sustain a reasonable amount of heat for them to get the coat and than risist. Which in the long run would prove ideal. So when you drive a new engine on 140kms! certainly the parts would heat too much, and therefore in hte combustion chamber the piston which moves up and down face minor cracks, and those cracks are the reason behind that truck like sound from the engine which I heard. If the pistons are run enough and than continue after changing new oil, it won't be damaged anymore.
That is why there is a running-in period for the new engines to be completed after you drive on high speeds with full acceleration! And if you see the manuals, for every car there is a running-in period till the 1st check-up. You should always drive smoothly, if you want your car engine's long life.
We had Maxima, before that Accord...and on all the manuals there was in the Maintenance section, its clearly mentioned: don't tow anything with the car, don't use full throttle, and don't drive more than 1/5th of the top speed. Even for my new Ibiza its there in the manual, my car is hardly 127kms now :lol:

its just my opinion mate, so its upto you how you wanna drive, so nothing personal mate :wink:
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