Wireless Home Security Solution- SuperNannyCam IP Cameras

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Wireless Home Security Solution- SuperNannyCam IP cameras Feb 21, 2012
SuperNannyCam is an award winning wireless IP camera distributed in Dubai and other Emirates that securely connects to the wireless Router, it employs the latest technological advancements. It’s not a hidden camera but rather discreet. As Super Nanny cam is the perfect Home Security Solution most of the families who purchase the system need it to keep an eye on the their kids, nanny or maid while she's providing care to their children. They also use it when they travel. Additionally, villa residents take advantage of the outdoor option that allows them to deter intruders while capturing clear Video/Audio events in complete darkness.

Super Nanny Cam models:
White is an award winning wireless camera, is the base model, with excellent Video & sound quality, records on movement, viewable on any of your computers & smart phones. Once fitted in the corner of a room it cover that room, great for surveillance & home security
as it emails snapshots upon movement.
White-SD comes with all of the features above in addition to on-camera recording via the SD card slot. Using this camera you won't need a running PC to record, motion activated video footage will be compressed and stored onto the card, accessible from anywhere.
Knight-SD is the third internal model, which on top of White-SD's gives you Night Vision (complete darkness). Great for baby rooms and vacation Internet cameras, or to monitor dark rooms & corridors.
Bullet is the Outdoor weatherproof option, It comes with all the features of the Knight-SD in addition to enhanced wireless signal & image clarity plus a water/heat resistant body.
PT500 is a Movable camera (Left, right, up & down) works with iPhones / iPads / PC, night vision 5-10 meters.

To learn more about SuperNannyCam visit http://www.maxcom.ae/supernannycam or drop us a line via http://www.maxcom.ae/contact [url]

[/url]KEEP AN EYE @ YOUR HOME with SuperNannyCam!

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Installation - nanny cameras in Dubai and other Emirates
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