Vitamins As Hair Nutrients

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Vitamins as Hair Nutrients Sep 11, 2013
Do you know that vitamins can help you with hair regrowth . Vitamins that can cast a magic spell on hair fall are Vitamins A, C, B and E. You can get vitamin A from green leafy vegetables, carrot, sweet potatoes, eggs etc. Vitamin B-complex enhances the regulation of blood and it is a nutrient you should not miss out. You can get it from grains, cereals and B-Complex supplements. Vitamin C helps in blood circulation and it prevents hair breakage. This vitamin is available in fruits and leafy vegetables like spinach. Vitamin E is another important nutrient for hair growth as it helps in the growth of new hair.

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Re: Vitamins As Hair Nutrients Sep 21, 2013
Vitamins play a very important role in taking care of your hair.
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