How Do You Think About Medical Equipments Of China?

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How do you think about Medical Equipments of China? Dec 29, 2012
Hi guys, how do you think about Medical Equipments of China, for example Patient monitor, ECG Machine, Ultrasound Scanner, Pulse Oximeter.

In recent years, Chinese products is becoming more and more popular for its good price and improving quality. It is the same with the Medical Equipments, especially for mature devices like Patient monitor.

My friend, if you are the boss, will you have a Medical Equipments suppliers from China? The quality is great and the price is competitive.

Thanks! :D

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Re: How do you think about Medical Equipments of China? Oct 31, 2013
Suppliers from China can be great because of their good prices, however the quality can be doubtful. Moreover, the one made from other countries such as Europe or USA has a better quality but was actually made in China also. :roll:
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Re: How do you think about Medical Equipments of China? Nov 01, 2013
The brand matters most, 2nd is the country where its made, but no way I would trust a China brand! For me, German / European / USA made medical equipment are best.....

There is no way on earth that a China brand would deliver the same quality and diagnostics power as brands like Philips or GE. These big brands put so much research into their products (hence their high price), you be assured of the absolute best.

If I would see a China brand in a hospital or so, its a complete turn off; for me that means cheap and poor quality; not the place I would be.
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