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Hepatitis b May 12, 2016
Dear admin.

Good morning...!!! last 2 weeks I did my medical test in Dubai then the next day I was a recieve a call from Dubai that I have a retest in al Mushaisnah 2, then I ask them what kind of retest he said he is not allowed to answer my question only I have to do is to go in al Mushainah. A few days ago I went there in Al Mushainah Medical test to do the retest again, so they give me another paper for the Lab then I saw in the letter that blood test that they have to test again is HBasg whicos Hepatitis b. The test is done I'll come back to the person who gave the paper and he said the day after tomorrow sent my PRO because he is the one who will get the result of my medical test. Then I sent the email to the office to informed that my retest it was done and the PRO he is the one to get the result. The days will past I siding recieve a call from company to informed me if its Fit to Worl my medical test or they found something nothing I don't I dea although I am afraid to know the truth.

My Question is what if I am Positive for hepatitis b and my profession is Sales there is tendency to Fit to my Work. Because the Sales its not belong to 6 categories or they deport if they will found I am Positive hepatitis b.

Please help me because I don't to loose this kind of job because I've been working here in UAE for more than 10 years.


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