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Re: Jobs For Under 18 Jul 22, 2017
Wow, I came here to get some inspiration for my children and their summer activities that earns money and I am disappointed. Nothing informative here. So I decided to change this post for all future viewers :D

Well I am old and really not working, but worked before so let's talk life...

We don't just go online and post our e-mails and wait somebody to give us a job. We go to the world and offer our skills and willingness to work.

Remember teenagers you have ENERGY. That is first "skill" needed for work and any job.

You have a lot of energy. And everybody wants someone energetic to work for them. If you add some willingness to that and some power of your muscles and brain...O man you are unstoppable ;)

Who on Earth would turn away that passionate energy machine that can support his business? Nobody smart! So count on smart people when you are OFFERING yourself for work.

Never beg for job. You are in position to offer, and just ignore those who can't recognise success.

Step two: count all your skills, experiences, excellent grades, awards, scholarships, hobbies....ANYTHING!

Put it all in one paper, write CV. Count languages that you are speaking or learning, skills on computers, sport skills, communication skills, making apps skills, even your look (try some casting agencies and get few jobs)...

If you spent childhood visiting museums with your parents, going around City then count that as well. You can always take some tourists around and make their day easy trough Dubai/UAE, museums, malls, metro, RTA transport...make their day different for some pocket money. You can find them easily on Airport Arrival side or at hotel entrances, and just give them your phone number if they need some cheap and energetic and safe private guide around.

If you are playing any sports and achieved any level, you know that all sports need warming up before real training. So count on that as well. You can always offer some Private Training program for some obese children and try to make them slim and cool over Summer. If you need help just find online some videos and remember the exercises and there you go. You have program and you can earn money.

I know some ladies who did the same. They learnt one video exercises and go offer themselves as aerobic trainers and they got the job. Man it is so easy anybody can do it. And tips to get anybody slim: beside exercise they must allow themselves to sweat at night while they are sleeping. To cover themselves and also allow themselves to sweat during day time and not to spend all day under AC. Our body needs some temperature to speed metabolism. And high temperature is needed for metabolism even if we get it trough exercise and movements or from increased energy during sleeping. Yeah it is so easy: sleep and lose weight...but many people don't know as they like comfort. They don't allow themselves to sweat or to be hot even a little.

I know also company in Dubai that teaches children and adults skills for thousand or two, and that same skills they just took for free from some online website. They leart skill which is free online and then they take money from stupid people in thousands!

You can do the same and for less money.

If you have excellent grades you can offer instructions to children who are in grades bellow yours. You have so many opportunities. And there are always some new families in City who just came to Dubai and need their children to learn English or Arabic to prepare them for school. Not all countries teach English (some like mine teach German or French or Russian or Turkish etc.), so you have always chance to teach somebody. Just offer your skills, don't just leave your mail online. Nobody can see trough your mail your skills. Write them down...all of them.

If you want babysitting or something don't just say that you are good with children, but say that you can teach them how to play chess or make origami or anything on Earth. Put any game that you played there..make it interesting. Ensure parents that you can keep their children active and interested and focused on many things for hours. You will get job easier then some old lady for sure. Use your energy and youthfulness.

World is yours. Just do what you love and what you always do. If you play games then learn to make some games or apps on code_com or something like that for free, and then go teach other kids. If you like sports then offer it to others, if you love adventure then go with tourists around, if you like food go to work at some restaurant, if you like to design then offer to people to do make-over of their rooms with what they already have. Pain their walls, arrange furniture, help them clean (but not clean-clean - you are not maids, but clean of junk and clutter etc.).

If you are over 18 then go at any company you like and offer your energy, passion, skills, physical power and strength, knowledge, experience...

If you have driving licence don't just offer to be a driver, but combine it with other skills you have. For example go to summer camps and offer to instruct children in something and then take them home with camp's car. Make the most of everything you have.

And why not to make team work with pals and count all your skills together (5 people always know more then 1 or 2) and then all together as a team offer yourself to some company or man of private business and convince them to make Summer Camp with your program and you all working together? Imagine if 5 nationals offer 5 different languages at once, or 5 different sports, or 5 different skills... that would be much more interesting to children and parents then just 2 choices at any expensive camp...

You have energy, you have future, world is yours, if it is not yet it will stay "on you" soon, so please just go there and take it, don't let old people scare you and discourage you. They don't count and their rejection should give you more hope that there is something much better awaiting you. If people turn you away from some job, means God doesn't want you to work that job, but He have something better for you to do. Take it as proof that you are better and deserve better and just go for higher and better. Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you :D

Young people (in heart) can change the world LOL

Good luck and share your ideas for jobs here for all future viewers :)

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