How Much Do Dentists Earn In Dubai ?

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How much do Dentists earn in Dubai ? Mar 11, 2009

I was planning to move to Dubai.
Right now I live in Italy and I really love this place for the freedom you can actually feel in the air.
I'm a dentist, I'm 35 and I earn quite a lot of money, let's say, in one day, I make what a police earns in 15 days.

For a while, I worked in the UK and I also made good money there but my problem is "The weather", I just hate winter and for this reason I was planning to move to Dubai since also Italy has become too cold.

Of course, before doing that, I will come for a couple of weeks just to see if I like the place but since it's "the place to be" I'm shure I will like it.
I always loved big cities with many skyscrapers and Dubai seems to be just the right place.

I'm quite worried though because I do not want to earn a percentage of what I manage to earn right now. For example, if I make 1000 Euros per day, I will accept 800 Euros in Dubai, but not less. The weather is important of course but money is too.

Since I'm an Italian motherlanguage, I could open one of my dental studios in the "International city" area where there are many Italians or do you know a better area where to find them ?

I would like to open two studios in Dubai, so one could be in the Intl. city.

What do you suggest ?

Do you have a rough idea of how much dentists in Dubai Earn monthly ?

Thank you for your precious help I really appreciate it.

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Mar 11, 2009
The problem is that you are not asking how much a dentist's salary is. You want to know if a newly opened dental clinic would make money. That depends on many things, how you market yourself, whether you are good dentist, your language and people skills and so on. Generally speaking Dental clinics here make very good money. But you have to think carefully about the location, setup of the clinic and the type of staff you want to hire. Then again, you probably know all that already :P
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