Profitable Business ( Investement Required)

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Profitable Business ( Investement required) Oct 11, 2010

Thank you for your interest, I would like to give you a little detail about this business, its a service business.
we are very old in this busines and this company is 05 years old.
we are bringing the people to Dubai for entertainment, family visits and business trips.
we are providing them all the required travel document and hotels as we have special rates of hotels.
we have the arrangement of all kind of transpotation for our visiters.
we are booking for all kind of entertainments inside dubai
( Desert saffari, Dhow Cruse, Helecopter ride, Speed boats and city tours by luxury cars )
we have the custumers in different countries.
we have deposted a big amount to DTCM already for this trade licence.

About the investement.

we want to extend our business. we have to pay the cash ( refundable deposit ) to the Imigration and Department of Tourism. by paying this we can bring more visiters for our company. Imigration has already approved the extended limit of visiters after the inspection and verfication of all the stuff.
so the main thing that the amount is safe as a ( refund able deopsit ) and the profit will start within 20 days by easy online system.
we have our own access to EDNRD to bring the people by entry prmit and a resonable money comes with every customer.
all other services are also giving us a handsome profit.
so we want to start as early as possible bcoz it is the season of our business. and te profit is guranted.

Thanks and Regards.

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Re: Profitable Business ( Investement required) Feb 01, 2011
Can you contact me to provide me more information on the investment required please?

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