Global E-Commerce Implementation Firm Seek Country Rep

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Global E-Commerce Implementation Firm seek Country Rep Nov 01, 2011
We seek Country Representative from UAE to become our CORE

eCterra serves clients from selected ccountries and are supported by a group of professional personnel worldwide designated as Country Operations & Relations Engineer or CORE

CORE personnel plays an integral part in the establishment of eCterra as a truly global organization fueling local, global and cross-broder e-commerce.

CORE personnel should in their own capacity be well versed with web development life cycle and online store e-commerce implementation. CORE personnel are appointed to act as the localized liason body for customers in their respective countries. In essence, CORE personnels acts as an Operations Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager as well as a Customer Relations Manager for eCterra. These core work functions are essential tasks of a CORE personnel. CORE personnel gets rewarded high commission from sales transacted by their assigned OR referred customers.

About Us
eCterra is a global internet e-commerce enabler headquartered in Cyberjaya Malaysia with representation in selected countries worldwide. eCterra provides Ready-To-Use infrastructure ready country specific preconfigured e-commerce solutions primarily shopping cart applications and content management systems. eCterra provides professional solution for customers seeking to establish local, global or cross-broder ecommerce initiative by ensuring Site Infrastructure, Site Infostructure and Site Identity are preconfigured accordingly.

Hope to receive favourable responses from forumers here.

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