2 Month Visa For Dubai

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2 month Visa for Dubai Jan 15, 2010
I want to arrange a 2 month Visa for a freind.
How I can do this?
If some one can help me plaese let me know

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Re: 2 month Visa for Dubai Jan 16, 2010
All depends what their nationiltiy is.

From europe I thought it was a month + you can renew once and then have to leave the country. i.e fly somewhere elses or drive over to oman and back.
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Re: 2 month Visa for Dubai Jan 16, 2010
You can arrange a 30 day visa, not 2 months but will depend on salary (I think at least 10k), possibly relationship and nationality, and maybe luck.

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Re: 2 month Visa for Dubai Aug 30, 2010
its very easy you need passport copies in color and picture and you can get easly visa for 70 days.
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