Sharjah Traffic Police For A Driver License Is A Nightmare!

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Sharjah Traffic police for a Driver license is a nightmare! Jul 09, 2008
Hey guys,
For all those living in Dubai -congratulations! because nothing can be worse than the rude, screaming people behind the counters in Muroor in Sharjah. Worst of all, I cannot understand Arabic, and they can't understand English! It's a real nightmare just getting to the right person and even to just ASK what I should do to get the driver's license.

If anyone in here (I know this is Dubai Forums, but I could not find a good "Sharjah Forums" site) knows ANYTHING about the process of acquiring a Driver's License it would be GREAT if you could assist me.

First of all, I have
Passport and copy, US Driver's license, NOC letter in Arabic, DL Application filled in arabic and the 2 required photos.

Do i go to the counters inside or go straight to the eye and blood test (blood test? for a DL? I see no logic in that).

If anyone has ANY idea, that would be great cause I'm just confused on what to do next and the people behind the counters are NO help when they scream in Arabic.

Thanks for the space guys!

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Jul 09, 2008
Getting a DL in Dubai was virtually painless wih my US DL and passport. Eye exam and a form filled out, all I needed. I assume it would be the same for Sharja.
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US Drivers License - dubai ! Jul 23, 2008
I recently got my Drivers License in Dubai , am a US Citizen with a US Drivers License from New Jersey.

1.Get the Eye test done at any optical shop in Dubai ( 25 DHS , take passport and one photo , will save time at the agency)

2.Go to the typist / typing area , with your DL / Passport , Photograph , Residence Visa page copy , they will fill it up in Arabic and charge 50 DHS

3.Go to the counter , take a token , wait , and they shud swap it

In my case the Guy told me they CANNOT change New Jersey Drivers license as they dont accept them which is strange , as on RTA site it states US Passport + US Drivers License ( no restriction on state mentioned) = Dubai License ,

I was fortunate enought to have a UK license as well from my London days , which they used to give me a Dubai License ....

waiting on my wife residence visa and she ONLY Has NJ License , wondering how to tackle this .......
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