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Magic the Gathering in Dubai

Gamesmaster The original and best collectable card game is available in Dubai with the full support of the DCI (governing body) We regularly meet in a private room at a respectable hotel in Dubai from 6pm till 12 midnight on Thursdays where we partake of a beverage or two while we play and generally have a good time. Occasionally weíll also hold a special event at the Mall of the Emirates to allow players who canít make Thursdays a chance to come and play. These are normally on a Friday but the next one will be on Sunday 2nd Dec starting from 11 am. Players range from 15 to 45 years and come from a wide selection of nationalities and back grounds with a majority coming from Europe and the Philippines. New or returning players are always made welcome so if you fancy doing something a bit different on Thursdays nights PM me and Iíll send you details on where to find us. Younger players who have grasped Pokemon and Yugioh are more than welcome to come and see if they wish to progress to the next level but please be advised the game does carry a 13+ rating. So donít be shy we donít bite, have two heads or even own an anorak. More details on the game can be found at /
russchar Hi Sir, I am a Magic Player from the Philippines but now working in Dubai. I started playing from tempest and stopped at Mirrodin block. now I have started again playing in Shards of alara. I wanted to join your MTG community but don't know where to go (for buying booster packs and boxes, or playing). Im in Philippines right now for vacation but I will be back in Dubai on Jan 16. +971509732533 is my number. can you send me informations where and when do you usually play. I can only join on Type II tournaments though because of the availability of the cards. If you can reply with your email and number, Ill contact you when Im in Dubai. I can't post my email due to rules Thanks in advance, I really love the game. Best regards, Victor

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