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Hello, i am a canadian female offered a teaching position in the city, wondering if anyone has any insight on this sector, what is a good wage? what i am really wondering is monthly costs of living, what can i expect, def. not looking to come and struggle financially (just did that in chile teaching)..
for a late 20's girl, what is the life like? fun?
thanks everyone

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Aug 10, 2008
Hey Canadiana,
Life could be a lot of fun depending on your pay. PM me with more details as far as where you job will be (what school) and how much they are offering you.
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Aug 10, 2008
hey Canadiana , cant handle the frostbites there eh? I arrived from Canada just 4 months ago. What ever be the case if you get a job in Dubai . MAKE SURE it's AT LEAST Dhs 15,000 - that's minimum without perks. If it's with perks like housing (which is pain in the arse here) and pay 15,000 then it's just great.

FUN well how do you define FUN? If you are single and looking into dating scene then get this dating scene here is PATHETIC . You get small selection of people. I live in a university in Canada were sex ratio was 1:5. Women there were just great, urbane and sophisticated (atleast some).

If your Fun is shopping then you wont be bored at all. Lots of activities here for that.

I am a social guy so if you are one life can be really challenging here.
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Perks? Family? Oct 09, 2008
I assume that the 15,000 Dhs is monthly--that's pretty good. I have over 10 years of various experience teaching ESL as well as a TESL certificate from a university in the U.S. I plan to look for a job in the UAE starting next year. Could I expect more than 15,000 (without "perks")?

What sort of "perks" would be negotiable? I suppose airfare and housing is standard when hiring from abroad. Also, I will be coming with my wife. Should I expect the school to pay for my wife's airfare as well as mine? In that case, I imagine both of our visas would be arranged by the employer. Then I would want us both to have insurance, too. All considered, can I still hope for as much as 15,000 Dhs--in addition to these perks?

By the way, how well is the housing usually furnished?

I am eager to find out about these things. Even though I've lived abroad quite a bit, this would be my first time working in the Middle East. Please tell me anything you can.
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ESL School List Jul 22, 2009
Can someone submit a list of schools in Dubai. I will repay you a thousand thanks my friend.
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