My Family Has Been Blacklisted In UAE PLEASE HELP

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My Family has been Blacklisted In UAE PLEASE HELP May 05, 2010
Dear Team,
This is my incident. My previous visa from April 2007 to May 2009 was from Sharjah. My wife and two children (3ys and 4yrs now) visa was also from sharjah.
My family had a overstay fine of around 15,000AED due to late canncellation of my visa. Now to get a new dubai visa we had to exit the country from sharjah by getting an outpass from sharjah. The sharjah immigration people said that we have to either pay the fine or get a one year ban for my family to get an outpass.
My new company PRO suggested that i opt for the ban and he would clear it and get me a new visa done. So i took the ban option for my family and we left the country in Mar 2009. By this time i had my new visa from dubai stamped and my PRO got my family a new visa from dubai and told me that the Ban from sharjah is removed. My family arrive in June 2009 and we got their visa stamped from Dubai. After that my family has travelled back to bombay twice from dubai with no issues.

Just last week my family was in mumbai for one month as my wife was asked to take total bed rest due to her pregnancy. I asked her to return via sharjah airport as the gate is closer and she does have to walk a lot. But the immigration in sharjah did not allow them to enter as they said that her passport had a one year ban whihc has not been removed. They were not able to give answers on how my wife had a dubai visa if there was a ban from sharjah. Later on in the afternoon they told her that they have put a life ban to my family and took her iris scan and asked them to leave the country. Due to no flights available they had to stay in the airport transit hotel for 2 days. Also moreover important is that they cancelled their dubai visa. When i check in sharjah immigration they told me that my wife and sons passport had the one year ban on it, whilst my daughters passport was ok, even then they cancelled their visa too.

I need what can i do in this case. How can i revoke this Ban. We are not criminals but professionals. my childrens school was suppose to start and i had got them admitted to the schools also.

Please help me i am very desperate. Need to know the process if any.
The people in sharjah immigration are not very helpful and treated my family like criminals, not even little bit of humanity.

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Re: My Family Has Been Blacklisted In UAE PLEASE HELP May 05, 2010
Sorry, it doesn't sound like there is an easy way out of this, especially because you have to deal with Sharjah authorities. I think these are your possible options.

1. Sharjah immigration - keep trying to talk to different people until you find someone there to help you. But immigration departments anywhere in the world are more often unhelpful than helpful.
2. The company PRO that got the ban lifted.
3. Someone else with enough wasta to overturn the Sharjah immigration decisions.
4. Maybe a lawyer if you can find one who finds a way that the authorities have not followed correct legal procedures. But that will be expensive.
5. Your embassy but embassies are not usually helpful with immigration issues.
6. You could try the Dubai residency department but as you came in through Sharjah, they probably can't help.
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Re: My Family has been Blacklisted In UAE PLEASE HELP May 12, 2010

There is only one way to solve it.

and that is..

1,Find out the documents that lifted 1 yr ban of ur family
2 find the good legal advocate who can help you in every thing.

he can easily get the correct details from sharjah authories and solve your problem.
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Re: My Family Has Been Blacklisted In UAE PLEASE HELP Aug 30, 2013
Dear concerned person,

We can help you with your situation. We handle all issues and treat each case with care. All our work is done through LEGAL means. We cater to:

- Individual issues (blacklist, visa etc).
- Company issues (Special licenses, Sponsorship etc).
- Other Business related work.

Kindly send your inquiry or issue to . Please also provide a brief summary if required.

Do not be shy or nervous to explain your situation as we have dealt with many cases. Your inquiries and issues will be discussed in a private manner with full confidentiality.

Important Note:

- Please avoid individuals who say they can do blacklist removals and special business licensing through illegal means. These people are FRAUDulent individuals.

Everything can be done in the UAE if you follow the legal procedures.

- We do not charge for our advice but we DO charge for our service.

- You MUST have the funds for our service and be WILLING to pay for the services we provide.

- Our pricing varies by each case.

Best Regards,

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Re: My Family Has Been Blacklisted In UAE PLEASE HELP Sep 20, 2013
hi zaheerafr , your problem is really serious please take help of medical legal services... i knowone company which is providing medical legal services if possibleyou can contact... ... -services/
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Re: My Family Has Been Blacklisted In UAE PLEASE HELP Sep 20, 2013
zaheerafr , inbox me
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Re: My Family Has Been Blacklisted In UAE PLEASE HELP Sep 21, 2013
i am concern about your problem?what happen now...what you are going to go now?have you taken help from medical legal services....
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undefined 46 days ago
Uaehelp ,good morning,,,i really wanted to go back to u.a.e my fiance sponsored me as a tourist visa,,and its going to be in al sharja visa...but the problem is I've been overstay for 2yrs as a tourist also dubai visa i entered in Dubai airport January 19 2010 i went back home June 3 visa in al sharja already released just a week ago,,, i went to al a weer and they do eyes scan for me last May 30 2012 but i don't have any criminal it possible for me to enter in sharja airport or they will ask me to go back to my country....please help me .....f
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