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Colonic Irrigation / Colon Hydrotherapy in Dubai Jul 30, 2006

I would like to introduce myself to the forum.

I am an expat woman here in Dubai. I have arrived three months ago and learning my ways. My husband is really busy and I dont really have much to do but enjoy myself and do a lot of fitness and beauty treaments.

Can anyone recommend a colonic irrigation centre here in Dubai ?
I dont seem to find one. I have tried one near the Burj Al Arab but I was not too impressed.



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Jul 30, 2006
you got some free time .. so what do you decide to do .. stick a tube into your ass ? wow ... boredom is dangerous.

i couldnt resist the comment, and i know someone would have at some point ;)

good luck finding a good place to irrigate your ass :lol:
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Jul 30, 2006
:lol: :lol: And I was considered rude for questioning a guy's nickname ...
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Jul 31, 2006
Well to be honest it is a bit or a weird post.

Oh la di da, my hubby goes out and earns lots and lots of dosh - waaa.

I do bugger all, allllll day long apart from get pampered and clean out my colon - how pleasant.

I wish many of us round here had to time to waste on material and ridiculous treatments.

Do something more useful with your time.
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Aug 16, 2006
Sounds like some people are jealous....
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Aug 29, 2006
I can't believe how vicious some people can be!!!

You lot ought to be ashamed of yourselves..HONESTLY!!! This is a self confessed newbie to Dubai and you all race in for the kill!

Maybe a colonic isn't everyones idea of a good time or something that you would EVER consider getting even if it was necessary, but that doesn't mean that you should go around people bashing the ones that do!

And for your FYI.....sometimes (and no this is not from personal experience) a health concern REQUIRES one! For all you IGNORAMUSES out there it is actually a VERY effective way of rebalancing your digestive system after a parasitic digestive problem, a good way to lose weight, and well, the list is ENDLESS as to the positives that can come from colonic irigation. So before you decide to critisise someone for a life choice I suggest you EDUCATE yourselves FIRST!
And yes...some people do just sound a little bit bitter and jealous to me!

Honestly Nathalie...ignore these people. It's funny how they can criticise you for supposedly not having a life but they've obviously got nothing better to do than pick on newbies themselves. Saaaaaaaaaad....

And unfortunately I don't know of anyone myself but I heard that there is a holistic medicine place somewhere in Umm Suqiem. They might. Try a google search! Good luck! :flower:
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Sep 04, 2006
if you can't take a little banter, then maybe you should be doing the colon therapy on TURBO.
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Sep 18, 2006
I thought it was Natasha not Natalie :lol:
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