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TIENS - International business. Office in Dubai.

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We are looking for people with a genuine desire to be wealthy. Working in your spare time, this in a golden opportunity to greatly increase your income by marketing the proven healthcare products of an international Chinese Corporation.
You must be male, well educated & dedicated to being successful. If you want to be part a very rewarding organization, email a brief description of yourself and we will arrange an introductory meeting with you.
Remember, your spare time can be used to make a fortune for you and your family. Office in DUBAI.
I look forward to hearing from you on: tiens.today@gmail.com

hi , Are u looking only for males . Would a professional female with 5 years corporate experience suit your requirment ? my email id : girdhar.vivek@gmail.com
hello, vivek Welcome to my email. How effective is Tianshi? Our family is growing so fast that we are projected to be doing business in 190 countries by the year 2006. What makes our family so healthy with business growing so fast? Because our products are very EXCLUSIVE covering healthcare, are the BEST in the world and UNIQUE. Opportunities that are right for you!!! We are four million distributors and over 20 million customers strong! But with all that success ... we still don't have the Distributors and customers we want most: YOU!
hi :) my brother works in dubai and i recently made him a member of tiens. i am currently living in the philippines. i gave him the address found in the membership kit but he had trouble finding the tiens office in dubai. i would like to ask the current address and contact numbers to the tiens office in dubai. thank you.

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