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Some of the cars available in the stock at the moment...
1971 Dodge Challenger
1973 Dodge Charger
1965-1980 Pontiac GTO
Ford Mustang 1960's - 1992
All cars are in good shape with no accidents and have been maintained properly. Feel free to ask any question's or any mods that you want to be made to car before you drive out..
Contact (Mo) blackknight678@hotmail.com for SALES and general enquiries AND (Abdy) abdullah.khalid@rrd.com for parts and other changes that can be made, checkout the URL's to know what type we deal in.
(shelbies or regular mustangs with same shape available)
(daytonas or a regular charger)
(1987 - 1993)mustang coupe LX, Hatchback, GT..same available with convertible options)
(for mustangs do let us know if you want change in the rear end, we will do that for you in lower cost)
Thanks for visiting American Muscle Classics UAE

Out of curiousity can you give some details and possibly photos of the mustangs you have in stock located in the UAE? I know someone who is looking for a late 60's early 70's fastback.
The only 67 shelby that we had in our stock rite now has been sold to one party in Al Ain. but we have huge collections of Mustangs in USA and CANADA. they will b here in next couple of months. 1 of the mustang that are on its way is very nicely restored 67 Mustang. 302 Short Block/Auto. Lots of new parts - too many to list. Holley 600CFM carb. Ford HO Aluminum 4V intake. Ford E7TE HO heads. GT fog lights. Holleys Flow-Tech headers. Complete dual exhaust with H-Pipe. Mag 500 wheels. This is one sharp Mustang. Lots of extras at a good price. We are asking 125,000 or the best offer. and the other one is a stock one with original engine. Its basically for those people who want to make it in their own way and its really cheap too. It need paint job and other modifications. You can also tell your friend to tell us what exactly he wants and wat is his budget than maybe we will also be able to help him out. If you want to see pictures of wat i sold to a party in Al Ain or what kinda stock is commin soon than give me ur email address i will email all the pics to u. Soon we will have our website designed than you can see all the info and pics of our stock in our website without any problems. If you have any other inquirees please feel free to ask.

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