German Business Director Needs A New Job

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German business director needs a new job Jan 27, 2007
Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

after my last trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi I decided to work and life in Dubai in the future.

At the present time i life in Cologne (Germany) but i`ll go to Dubai as fast as possible.

To start a new existence in Dubai i need a job or some contacts to start a new company.

Here in germany i`ve got three incorporated companies in IT sector.

Currently i`m 22 years old - but I have 6 years experience in eBusiness Development, Web 2.0 and innovative eBusiness Concepts.

With my companies in germany i had in 2006 over 2 million Us-Dollars volume of sales.

I think i have good knowledge in leading innovative IT-companies.

There are two thinks, that is interesting for me.

1.) A german IT-company lacated in Dubai will give me a job. I`ll give the company very good Web 2.0 eBusiness concepts and very good knowledge to the german internet market.

2.) I`ll found a new company and start-up in dubai. In this case it would be neccessary to have good contacts and maybe an investor.

Okay.. If you think there is a possiblity to give me a job or some support you can reach me
by email ( ) or by phone (00492211305665).

Best reguards,

Btw: My girlfriend is looking for a traineeship by McKinsey Dubai. Maybe anybody have contact to them and can help her to join there. Currently she is study economy law at RFH Cologne. She has very good grades...

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