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Dubai / India Mobile Rates Jul 08, 2007
Hi all,

I need some advice. Is it cheaper to buy Mobiles from the UAE or India. Kindly let me know whether it's cheaper here.

I need the mobile for work purpose not just to chill out.

Here a good phone would cost around 9K to 11K. I checked the rates on Jacky's electronics, Jumbo etc but i find they r expensive in dubai.

Anyone plz suggest


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Jul 09, 2007
I am quite sure you will find it cheaper in India. Dubai still survives on an age-old reputation of being a shopper's paradise. Its now a shop-keeper's paradise..

If you just want a good phone that works well, check the grey market phones in India. Will be cheaper than buying from main retailers.
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Jul 09, 2007
There is a dealer called Sheeba Electronics in Bur Dubai that sell mobiles at excellent prices

They are in the lane just opposite the Ascot Hotel
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Jul 09, 2007
Sheeba is defenitely not the cheapest.. but they are reasonable. Like with many of those shops in the bustling meena bazar area, sheeba also lacks in after sales support. Most of the sales men wouldnt be interested in solving your case... But yes, it is one of the better shops.

You'll get cheaper deals from other smaller shops as well. I bought a k-jam from a small place at a good rate n returned there after a month to ask them abt the after sales support they provide.. i needed to get the phone checked for some screen color inconsistencies. but instead of finding a solution they started abusing me.. without any intimidation.. Ofcourse I gave back in the same way n also gave a good public announcement to the customers who were getting into that shop abt their way of after sales support ..

Lucky that my cell dint have any big issues. Less said the better, cheaper deals arent always the better.. especailly interms of the credibility of the firm and after sales support.
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