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Moving to Dubai - PLEASE HELP

Hello all ... I am maybe moving with my new husband to Dubai (I am from the States) ... I have heard so many wonderful things about living in Dubai. I am really nervous :? for the fact that I wont be able to go to Dubai to check it out for myself before making a decision. Can you give me pointers? M...
by lace7725
Feb 08, 2004
Forum: Dubai Job Wanted
Topic: Moving to Dubai - PLEASE HELP
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Villas / Apartments in Dubai???

Hello ... My husband might be getting an offer of employment in Dubai. We dont know the salary offer yet, but we do know he will get 75,000 a year for accomodations. Can you tell me what that will get us? We would like a villa/house type situation (2 bed / 2 bath). Are places on the internet I can l...
by lace7725
Mar 04, 2004
Forum: Accommodation in Dubai
Topic: Villas / Apartments in Dubai???
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