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Sonos Setup Repair Installation Fixing in Dubai 0556789741 Nov 24, 2019
Audio & Video Sonos-opus specialist in Dubai SONOS WIRELESS AUDIO SYSTEM INSTALLATION

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We integrate Sonos is the ultimate smart wireless speaker system for your home. With wireless speakers installed in every room, you can play and control your digital music collection across all the rooms of our home, from any device you want. Music plays perfectly synchronised in every room – hearing believes.

Are you planning to get a Sonos System installed? Looking for a multi room sound system and don’t know where to start?

How To Connect Wifi Speaker Sonos

When you’re setting up a speaker for the very first time, these are the steps you’ll need to take.

Step 1: Unbox and plug it in. …
Step 2: Download the Sonos app. …
Step 3: Choose your setup type. …
Step 4: Select your speakers. …
Step 5: Put your speakers into ‘Join’ mode. …
Step 6: Connect to the Wi-Fi network (if you need to)

Integrate technology llc dubai can install a Sonos Home Stereo System into your home, custom designed for your individual rooms, ensuring that you will get the most from your system. You will be able to access all of your music from your computer, tablet or phone.

Complete control of your home sound system across every room from any device or tablet is now a reality thanks to Sonos. Integrate Tech are experts in Sonos Installations

Playbar is the Sonos Soundbar, and by installing it you can extend the Sonos sound system to your television – and even control it with your regular TV remote control.

So what are you waiting for? Integrate Tech are experts in designing and installing Sonos installations for all types of homes, houses office and apartments?

SONOS Installations & Troubleshooting

SONOS Installations dubai 0556789741
Would you love a fully wireless sound-system offering crystal-clear sound in every corner of your home?

Do you want to impress your clients at work with amazing music and impeccable sound clarity? Have you got an existing SONOS speaker system that keeps dropping out?
We can help.

Our team has years of experience installing and troubleshooting SONOS speaker systems.

What is SONOS?
SONOS is a world leader in the home and business audio industry. SONOS speakers offer high-quality sound and a myriad of streaming and configuration options.

SONOS also offers excellent speaker systems for TV audio, giving you the ultimate home theatre experience.

7 benefits of a SONOS wireless sound system
SONOS speakers are truly incredible. We had a hard time narrowing the benefits down to just seven, but here they are:

Multi-room listening
Wireless functionality
Easy control of all speakers and music from your smartphone or tablet
Quickly add new speakers to your existing system for a greater depth of sound
Very simple and intuitive to use
Play different music in each room or zone
The capacity to hardwire SONOS amps and use them with different branded speakers
What’s more, SONOS works with all major streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, internet radio programs, and much more.

SONOS installations
SONOS Installations DUBAI 0556789741
Our team works with qualified SONOS technicians to install speakers properly, so you get the most out of your investment. This may include in-wall speakers, in-roof speakers, and outdoor speakers. The multi-step installation process will ensure:

All SONOS speakers and amps are programmed
All SONOS products are properly wired via network cabling, and
All SONOS amps are directly connected to your ADSL, cable, or NBN modem and have perfect internet access for music streaming.
We have extensive experience with all SONOS products: Connect Amp, Connect, Play 1, Play 3, Play 5, Playbar, Sub, Boost, and more.

As well as in homes, we can install SONOS systems into your business premises. We have installed SONOS systems into some of the following businesses:

Real estate agents
Bars and nightclubs
Beauty clinics
New property developments
Case study: installing SONOS speakers
We were recently called to a large new development in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne to install eight SONOS Connect amps, four SONOS Play 5 Speakers, and a business-grade, multi-level wireless system.

After wiring all the speakers and programming all SONOS Zones, we taught the client how to control all of his music from his iPhone. He can now stream Spotify in every room of his house, including the back and front yard. We then installed the SONOS app on all the family members’ iPhones, so they could also control the music wirelessly.

The end result was one very happy family and amazing music in every room, even the bathroom!

Troubleshooting your existing SONOS system
SONOS can be quite complex to install and program correctly. Because of this, many unhappy SONOS users have contacted us. They had other companies install their system, but now continue having issues, such as zone or speaker dropouts, diminished sound quality, or a broken app.

The improper installation of SONOS speakers is such a widespread problem that we are fixing two to four SONOS systems per month. The cause of SONOS issues usually fall into one of four categories:

Wireless connectivity problems
Networking and modem issues
Incorrectly wired speakers
Incorrectly programmed SONOS units
If you have an existing SONOS system that continues to experience issues, please speak with us. We have years of experience fixing all existing SONOS systems so that they work flawlessly.

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