We Specialize In Bank Guarantee Lease And Sales

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We Specialize in Bank Guarantee Lease and Sales Sep 16, 2012
We are project funder with our cutting edge and group capital fund we can finance your signatory projects and help you to enhance your business plan, we also offer Non collateral loan, Conformable Bank Draft and other financial assistance from AA rated bank. Our bank instrument can be invested into High Yield Trading Program or Private Placement programmed (PPP) {world have engaged in trading programs among themselves, yielding returns ranging from 10% to 100% per month and no risk. Only these banks, and a few selected traders authorized by the Federal Reserve, are allowed to participate in these trading programs, which are principally designed to generate funds for humanitarian and other worthwhile projects}.

1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee {BG/SBLC}
2. Total Face Value: Eur 10M{Minimum} to Eur 10B{Maximum}
3. Issuing Bank: HSBC Bank Plc and Barclays Bank Plc {London, U.K}
4. Age: One Year and One Month
5. Leasing Price: 6%+2% =8%
6. Delivery: MT-760 {Bank-To-Bank Swift}
7. Payment: MT103
8. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier Service {within three banking days}

We specialize in Bank Guarantee lease and sales, there are two types of bank guarantee which are Direct Bank Guarantee and Indirect Bank Guarantee. Its used as Bid Bond, Payment Guarantees, Letter of Indemnity, Guarantee Securing Credit Line, Advance Payment Guarantees, Performance Bond Guarantee E.T.C.

our terms and condition are reasonable as we do not work like some so called joker brokers who extort fund from innocent clients in the name of bank instrument. For more information or question do not hesitate to contact me on below details.

Thank you
Eric Hazlett

--- Sep 16, 2012 ---

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Re: We Specialize in Bank Guarantee Lease and Sales Sep 21, 2013
Please let me know how to contact
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Re: We Specialize In Bank Guarantee Lease And Sales Aug 20, 2014
erichazlett ,am interested in a lease bg, of $20m , for a period of 3 years renewable yearly. The fund is for petroleum products . Please respond by sending all necessary information, to francfitz01@yahoo.com .
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Re: We Specialize In Bank Guarantee Lease And Sales Oct 31, 2014
erichazlett , Call me please +971556899001
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undefined Aug 22, 2015
erichazlett , i want to discount bank gurentee in dubai please contact with me at 00971553126231
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undefined Jan 02, 2016
we are from multan pakistan doing export garments /all kind of items from pakistan.and import all kind of items all over the world.we need 5.00.(m).$.
please contact us through e-mail saleem.manzoor@yahoo.com 0092 300 8630046
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undefined Jan 09, 2019
Dear Sir/Ma,

I do represent a Finance and Investment Company who is a Premier Provider of Trade Finance, Project Finance & Funding; We also offer discountable Bank Instruments at rates being as low as Five Percent (5%) of the required BG | SBLC | DLC | LC | PB | MTN | Bank Drafts Face Value.

We offer basically a wide range of Financial Instruments including;

- Standby Letters of Credit

- Bank Guarantees

- Deferred / Documentary Letters of Credit

- Red Clause Letters of Credit

- Usance Letters of Credit

- Performance Guarantees

- Demand Guarantees

- POF messages

- Pre Advice Message

- Comfort Letters

- Ready Willing and Able (RWA) messages; and we are able to complete a transaction within 48 to 72 hours depending on the requirement of the Lessee / Buyer Side.

Should you have an interest in the Lease and Sale of these, kindly inform and we will be glad to share with you our PROCEDURAL TERMS in regards to setting things in motion for an IMPENDING TRANSACTION. Upon the acceptance of your party to work with the Lessor's Terms, we would have Legal Contract in place for the transaction to be set up between the Applicant and the Beneficiary and the delivery of the Bank Instrument will be in accordance with the Verbiage (Text) chosen by the Beneficiary's Bank.

Kindly contact to register your interest and receive further information via Email and/or Skype

| Email Address: bglease.sekaran@gmail.com |

| Skype ID: bglease.sekaran@outlook.com |
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